Savannah River Sausages are made with all natural, pasture raised pork supplemented with NON-GMO feed. Our sausages are nitrate/nitrite free, contain no MSG’s and are handcrafted in small batches so you get the freshest product from our farm to your table.


Our authentic Chorizo sausages are second to none. Packed with flavor and fresh ingredients, blended spices and our all-natural, nitrate free, antibiotic free, non-GMO fed pasture raised pork.

Sweet Italian

Enjoy the sweeter side of life with our Sweet Italian sausage combined with fresh fennel, black pepper, sugar and salt. It’s a classic and a fan-favorite!

Zesty Italian

Our pasture raised pork just got Zesty! Enjoy the same all-natural, great tasting sausages, with a punch of zesty flavor.

Southern Style

Fill the kitchen with the incredible aroma of our Southern Style sausages, made with black pepper, red pepper and sage! It’s a southern treat you’ll be sure to love.


Enjoy the bold taste of our delicious handmade Bratwursts, great for grilling!

Smoked Andouille

Our Smoked Andouille sausage is worth savoring. Each bite of all-natural sausage and blended natural spices leaves you wanting more.

More Great Sausages

Southern Style Patties

Hot Italian Sausage

Southern Style Loose Pack

Fresh Cajun Sausage

Jalapeno Smoked Sausage

Zesty Italian Loose Pack

Chorizo Loose Pack

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Pork Cuts

Savannah River Farms pasture-raised pork cuts are second to none. Our custom cuts are the freshest around, all antibiotic free, nitrate free, Non-GMO and raised with care. We can guarantee you’ll love them as much as we do.

Pork Belly

Experience our melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly, found on menus at many fine-dining restaurants in Georgia and the Lowcountry. It’s a treat you can’t beat!

Boneless Pork Loin

Our Boneless Pork Loin is a tender and versatile cut that many fine-dining and at-home chefs can’t get enough of!

Boston Butt

Our Boston Butt is perfect for making unforgettable pulled pork BBQ, oven roasted or crock pot cooked roasts and smoked dishes.

Pork Tenderloin

Our juicy Pork Tenderloin is worth smiling about, you’ll taste why.

Ground Pork

Great in meatloaf and many other recipes. You can even try your hand at making your own sausage.

Pork Chops

Fall in love with our tender, juicy pork chops. They’re a cut above the rest!

Baby Back Ribs

Have your guests coming back for seconds of the best all-natural, fall-off-the-bone, baby back ribs you can find this side of the Mississippi!

More Great Pork Cuts

Pork Shoulder

Bone In Loin Roast

Cured Ham

Pork Neckbones

Smoked Pork Hocks

Leaf Fat

Sliced, Uncured, Unsmoked Pork Side Bacon

Fresh Ham


Smoked Bacon

Beef Cuts

A natural diet and acres to graze is the only way to raise healthy, happy cattle. We also dry age our beef for delicious, mouth watering, tenderness. Due to the high demand of naturally raised beef, we are often unable to keep up with the supply needed to accommodate all of our customers. Because of this we have partnered with another family farm about an hour away that breeds and raises black angus beef exclusively. They raise their herd exactly the same way that we raise ours. Humanely.

Sirloin Steak

Skirt Steak

Sirloin Tip Roast


Boneless Beef for Stew

Porterhouse Steak

T-Bone Steak

Filet Mignon

Chuck Roast

Shoulder Roast

Beef Brisket

Beef Short Ribs

Ribeye Steak

Rump Roast

Beef for Stirfry

Flank for London Broil

Beef Liver

New York Strip

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