A Trusted Source

The trusted source for top-quality meat products in Savannah and through out Georgia. Our partners include many restaurants, a college (Savannah College of Art and Design), a university, (Emory University), both via Bon Appetit Management Company, some retail stores, a local natural food delivery company, two food co-ops, several private chefs and caterers along with all of our wonderful farmers markets and farm pick up customers. Our all-natural products available for purchase include pastured beef, lamb (seasonal) and poultry along with our specialty, pasture raised pork.

Custom Cuts

Farm Raised Like The Good Old Days - Handcrafted Right Here On The Farm

Custom CutsFamous Sausages

We love what we do

We love our careers because all of the customers that we service are so appreciative of what we put into farming and are also really into healthy cooking which starts with our natural pastured meats. Their support makes any struggles worth it. And we wouldn’t trade living in Sylvania, Georgia for anything. It’s like the old cowboy days where everyone helps each other and shares with one another; the neighboring farmers are also our friends.

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Our efforts to provide NON-GMO

Super BIG news! SRF is going NON-GMO! A tremendous amount of work from Ben and his farm guys and a community effort made it all come together. We are so excited to be providing our customers with NON-GMO products.

Our animals receive open pastures and a wholesome, healthy diet of NON-GMO feeds that are roasted, milled and mixed right here on the farm.

We ensure their good health and quality of life with a mindful approach to raising animals, rooted in traditional techniques. The well-being of our animals is the first priority each day here at Savannah River Farms.

Savannah Magazine

Chef Mir Ali recounts how important it is to think about what we’re eating and how it affects our bodies.
Chef Mir Ali, Savannah Magazine


“Great ingredients make a huge difference. They really do, I can’t stress that enough. I love Savannah River Farms pork products. We’ve used them at a number of Eat It and Like It events and demos”
Jesse Blanco, Eat It and Like It

Well FedSavannah

“The Deen’s dedication to raising their animals with care has earned praise from the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) agency, and leads to healthier animals and higher quality products.”
Well Fed Savannah

Forsyth Farmers Markets
Historic Savannah – Year Round
Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm

Richmond Hill Farmers Market
Seasonal – Tuesdays 3 pm to 6 pm

Wilmington Island Farmers Market
Seasonal – Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm

Check our Facebook Page for occasional markets and more info!

Find the farm

Savannah River Farms is located at 194 Boykin Road, Sylvania, Georgia. Feel free to come by for fresh product or just to say hello!

Savannah River Farms