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At Savannah River Farms, our top priority is providing a healthy, happy environment for our animals. Our sustainable agricultural practices equal higher-quality meat that has more nutritional value and tastes better than products that come from conventionally-raised, confined animals.

All of our animals are raised in their natural habitats—in a pasture or woodlot with plenty of room to roam and play. We never use preventative antibiotics or artificial hormones and instead allow our animals to eat what nature intended, supplemented with all-natural, NON GMO feed that we grow, roast and mill ourselves. Treating our animals humanely is our most important goal, and we implement the traditional husbandry practices that Ben learned growing up on a farm under his father’s watchful eye. We are proud to run our farm according to the highest and most respected standards in the farming industry. We also handle all our own processing here on the farm in our Animal Welfare Approved abattoir. We do this so that our animals never have to travel or experience the stress of being handled by anyone unfamiliar.


We are a member of the Certified Naturally Grown program, which bases their standards on the USDA National Organic Program. This certification is awarded to farmers who practice optimal living conditions, pasture-raise their livestock, and have all-natural feed. We are also Georgia Grown, Slow Food USA, Local Harvest, and Georgia Organics affiliated. All of these accreditations boil down to one simple result: higher-quality, healthy products that we feel good about serving to our families and that you can trust to serve to your own families.

We want to pass along these important values of farming humanely and focusing on sustainability to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren as Ben’s family did when he was growing up. Honesty and integrity in what we do benefits our animals and in turn our customers. There’s only one way to raise animals—the right way—and we make it our mission to do so every single day at Savannah River Farms.