Savannah River Farms

black & white pigs

Happy & Healthy

Our pasture-raised pigs have 80 acres to roam free


USDA Inspected Processing Facility


Animal Welfare is a priority


Our Animals Eat What Nature Intended


Our Cattle Spend their Entire Lives on Pasture

Savannah River Farms—a family owned and operated, sustainable farm—is a trusted source for top-quality meat products in Savannah and through out the country.  Our partners include fine resturants, a college (Savannah College of Art and Design), a university, (Emory University), both via Bon Appetit Management Company, a few stores, local natural food delivery companies, the Savannah and Augusta Food Co-ops, several private chefs and caterers along with all of our wonderful farmers markets, on farm customers.  Our all-natural products available for purchase include pastured beef, lamb and poultry along with our specialty, pastured pork.

As the owners and husband-and-wife team, we (Ben and Kellie Deen) make it our top priority to maintain a farm that has animal welfare at the helm.  Ben is a fifth generation Georgia farmer and learned all about raising animals in the caring, humane environment they deserve which in turn also leads to healthier, higher quality products. We have four children and our son, Benjamin, has worked with us for over ten years. We’ve been married for 30 years and are proud to be Southern farmers.

We love our careers because all of the customers that we service are so appreciative of what we put into farming and are also really into healthy cooking which starts with our natural Non GMO pastured meats. Their support makes any struggles worth it. And we wouldn’t trade living in Sylvania, Georgia for anything. It’s like the old cowboy days where everyone helps each other and shares with one another; the neighboring farmers are also our friends.

We can provide custom cuts and take requests as we do all our own butchering and use zero hormones or preventative antibiotics. Our animals are raised from birth to processing on-site and have plenty of room to thrive and follow their natural instincts. Both our farm and our processing facility is Animal Welfare Approved.